Safe & Secure Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Indoor cats, outdoor cats… why not both? These 7 safe & secure outdoor cat enclosures give you and your feline friends the best of both worlds.

Mew Tube

The Fun Run Outdoor Enclosure from Doctors Foster and Smith measures 17″ in diameter by 62″ long, and it folds down to a mere 2″ thick to fit into the included carry bag… don’t forget to remove the cat before folding. The black nylon mesh and spring steel Fun Run is meant to be secured in place on soft ground with the included sand pockets and stakes but since Doctors Foster and Smith aren’t there supervising, how you set it up is up to you and only you. With that in mind, one might always raise the stakes, so to speak, and let kitty “go tubing” up and down your yard. Now there’s a REAL Fun Run for you!

Not Your Grandma’s Cathouse

Bad dogs and hubbies get sent to the dog house; lucky cats live life large in the Ellis Outdoor Cat House and Cat Run… and we do mean large: assembled together, the combo house & enclosed run measures 104 inches long by 48 inches wide. That’s bigger than some prison cells so thoughtless spouses should keep that in mind.

Available in Golden Brown, Red Cedar or Green Spruce finishes, the Ellis Outdoor Cat House and Cat Run is literally a home away from home. You can even connect an above-ground travel tunnel from the cat house to a nearby door’s cat flap. Check out the Cat Run website to learn more about this £460.00 cat castle.

DEVO Cat Listening Party Room

When seminal American New Wave band DEVO decided their new CD Something for Everybody needed some promotion, they got some of the coolest cats around and did some brainstorming… with actual cats. The result was the DEVO Cat Listening Party, where an assortment of musically cognizant kittehs enjoyed DEVO’s newest tunes in a specially constructed room fitted with an enormous blue Energy Dome scratching post. Fake mice optional.

The unique event took place on June 15, 2010 at the Warner Bros. Records office in Burbank, California. While songs from Something for Everybody were played continuously on the Ustream feed, the professional actor cats provided by Jungle Exotics only enjoyed DEVO’s latest sounds for about two hours. “We were told they like music,” explained Warner Bros. Records new media director Cara Heller, “but we didn’t know how cats react to listening to music over long periods of time and we didn’t want to burn them out.” DEVO-lovin’ cat owners are free to reproduce the giant Energy Dome scratching post in their own DIY enclosures, which would be cool for cats and their owners as well.

Bentwood Is Bestwood

Old and busted: bentwood chairs. New hotness: bentwood Cat Kennels from Framebow! Combining spacious house sections with high, wide & handsome enclosed runs, these beautiful cat enclosures put many actual homes to shame. Framebow builds each Cat Kennel individually from joinery grade bent redwood in their rural workshops and there’s plenty of room for customization: extra run lengths, additional cladding, even cat-safe heaters are on the options list. The finished but knocked-down Cat Kennels (don’t tell your precious feline what a “kennel” really is) are delivered to purchasers flat-packed in sections on pallets for “easy home assembly”… if IKEA furniture throws you for a loop, better get a handy friend to help.

Awesome Awnings

Not all of us have the means to spend an arm, er, a paw and a leg on the ultimate outdoor cat enclosure. What’s more, bigger isn’t always better – a little looking online will uncover some real jewels! Take the Outdoor Cat Condo/Tree Combination, for instance. This modular enclosure is made with quality materials chosen for appearance and durability; just get a load of those circus-style awnings! The nice folks at Online Pet Store By Conny will even pre-package a choice combo of cat-friendly elements and discount the total. If that doesn’t get you purrin’, what will?

Emerald City for Aussie Kitties

“That’s not a cat enclosure, THIS is a cat enclosure,” Crocodile Hunter Mick Dundee might say when showing off this truly exceptional enclosed outdoor cat run. Designed by Jeanette and Murray Philip of Britz British Shorthairs, the enclosure features a fish pond stocked with goldfish, rock-lined tunnels, a wooden spiral staircase and a swinging bridge. Meow, mate!

Cleanups are a breeze thanks to the kitty litter tray placed out-of-human-sight inside a cave under the waterfall… you heard correctly, this cat enclosure includes a waterfall. It all seems a bit too rich for cats to enjoy alone so some accommodations have been made for people, such as a double bench, a polycarbonate roof and a wealth of cat-friendly tropical plants.

I Am The Wall Wrap

A Japanese cat-owner with mad bookshelf-making skills and a near-paranoid concern for the safety of his/her cats radically modified their home’s exterior to make their pets’ lives safer, securer and much more interesting. Note how the many interconnected cages rise and fall in staggered levels, providing access, ingress and egress through assorted windows. Put enough cats in the run and the homeowner’s home insulation costs are bound to fall… along with their property values. Win some, lose some!


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